Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan
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A very warm welcome to our website. The Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan is being created by local residents, community groups and businesses and will shape how the parish changes in the coming years. This website is to help you understand what the Plan means for our community and how you can get involved.

Update from the NP Chairman (September 2018)

Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan committee first met in June 2015 and much has been achieved since then. The SCDC "Core Strategy", covering the period 2010 to 2027, was published in July 2013. The "Site Allocations and Site Specific Policies" document has now been ratified and was published in February 2017. Whilst these are very good documents, it is acknowledged that their housing provision of 8,670 is too low and further housing will be required before 2027. In these SCDC documents Wickham Market was not allocated any housing as we have had 115 houses built since 2010, this was considered to be more than our quota for the plan period, however it is noted that Wickham Market is writing its own Neighbourhood Plan.

SCDC have now written the First Draft of their revised Local Plan which covers the period 2016 - 2036. This plan expects Wickham Market to provide 100 houses through the Neighbourhood Plan but also allocates the site adjacent to the Wickham Place Hopkins Homes development for 120 houses. This site is in Pettistree but will be included in the Wickham Market Settlement Boundary.

Official approval to proceed with our Neighbourhood Plan was given by Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) on 12 Jan 16; when adopted our document will be the guiding document for planning decisions in the Parish of Wickham Market. Our Neighbourhood Plan will cover the period 2011 - 2036. These dates have been chosen as in 2011 there was a census and this gives a good baseline and 2036 is the furthest date for which there are government population projections. In the SCDC documents Wickham Market was not allocated any housing as we have had 115 houses built since 2010 which was considered to be more than our quota for the plan period.

The Neighbourhood Plan was launched at an Open Parish Meeting on 15 May 16. We have applied for and received the first part of a Locality Grant. Over 1000 leaflets have been distributed to all Wickham Market residents and 113 have been returned with comments suggesting what should be included. A Housing Needs Assessment has been conducted by an independent consultant suggesting that the village may have to accept between 30 - 110 houses by 2036.

Our second Open Day was held on 6 Nov 16 when we presented our Draft Vision which was generally well received by all. We have now written our Objectives to achieve this vision.

We commissioned a Heritage and Character Assessment and this has now been received and can be found on the web site. Unfortunately, this did not tell us much more than the recently revised Conservation Area Appraisal. We have also commissioned a Landscape Appraisal which is now complete, this is a good document and looks at where development would cause least harm from a landscape perspective.

A Site Assessment document was commissioned looking at all the packets of land surrounding the Wickham Market Settlement Boundary. This AECOM document suggested that only two sites within Wickham Market were suitable for housing development, Simon's Cross Allotments and the Old School Farm site. Simon's Cross allotments is only suitable as the landowner has agreed to provide an alternative allotment site very close by with a 1000-year lease at a peppercorn rent. It has been agreed that only part of the Old School Farm site is suitable if the development is to preserve some key views and prevent coalescence with Pettistree.

It is evident that a new car park is required in Wickham Market and this car park should be large enough to accommodate the business parking currently situated in the Long Stay car park. SCC do not like the access to our proposed site so possible alternatives are being investigated.

The land that was chosen for business development adjacent to the telephone exchange and Riverside Industrial Estate is not suitable as the landowner does not wish to make it available. The Pump Track provision received a number of negative comments and as the land is subject to a covenant this suggestion is not being pursued.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now being drafted before undergoing two rounds of scrutiny, it is hoped that the referendum will be in October 2019.

Cllr Dick Jenkinson, Chairman of Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan Committee

About our Parish

Wickham Market is a bustling, thriving community close to the River Deben within the Suffolk Coastal Heritage area. It is reached either by road, turning off the A12 approximately fifteen miles north-east of Ipswich, or by rail to its station at Campsea Ashe.

The centre of this large village offers convenient parking, a wide variety of shops with everything from hardware supplies, to food, hairdressers and newsagents, as well as a choice of places to eat. Within a ten-mile radius can be found the attractions of Easton Farm Park, the Snape Maltings, Framlingham Castle and Sutton Hoo.

Latest News

  • Update Jan 2019 - Initial draft of Neighbourhood Plan now submitted to SCDC. Initial draft of the Neighbournood Plan has been submitted to SCDC for informal review. Feedback so far has been positive and updates to address review comments are currently in progress.
  • Update Dec 2018 - Initial draft of Neighbourhood Plan in progress. After many months of analysing results from consultations and independent assessments, the team will shortly be submitting the initial draft of the Neighbournood Plan with associated policies to SCDC for informal review. Over the coming months there will be further formal reviews and consultations leading up to the Referendum with the community later this year. Further updates on progress will be issued here in due course.
  • NP Open Day Sunday 18th March - Analysis of results. A summary of results is now available in the Documents page.
  • NP Open Day Sunday 18th March. Despite the bitterly cold weather, we had 115 people attend the open day in the village hall.. The vast majority of attendees found it well presented and informative. There was a slide show running and display boards around the hall. Many of the NP team where there to answer questions. A questionnaire was given to each attendee for them to provide feedback on the options available. If you weren't able to attend then it is not too late. A copy of the presentation slides and the questionnaire is available in the Documents page. Completed questionnaires can be returned to Inspirations.
  • Heritage and Character Assessment has been approved by the NP committee. The report presents a summary of the history and character of Wickham Market. A copy of the report is available here
  • Housing Needs Assessment has now been approved by the NP committee. This forecasts the likely requirements for numbers and types of housing for Wickham up to 2036. A copy of the document is available here
  • Comments collected at Open Day 6th November
    There were lots of very useful comments collected for the Draft Vision Open Day. They are available to view on the Documents page.
  • Neighbourhood Plan Draft Vision Open Day 6th November
    There was a great turn out from the village for the Draft Vision Open Day. Over 142 people came to see and hear about the draft vision for the village. Each of the working groups had displays showing the results of the recent survey which was used to feed in to the vision. There were lots of opportunities for villages to discuss and comment on the findings. There were also displays by the George pub project team and Lehmann House project. The NP chairman Dick Jenkinson gave a presentation on progress so far and the draft vision. See Documents for a copy of the slides. Pictures taken at the event can be seen in the Gallery.