Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan
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A very warm welcome to our website. The Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan is being created by local residents, community groups and businesses and will shape how the parish changes in the coming years. This website is to help you understand what the Plan means for our community and how you can get involved.

Update from the NP Chairman (January 2024)

The Neighbourhood Plan for Wickham Market is now complete. It has taken many years and a lot of hard work by many people to reach this stage. I personally would like to warmly thank all those people who have taken part and helped make this plan come to fruition.

The referendum took place in the Village Hall on 12 Oct 2023. 365 residents cast their vote, 288 were in favour and only 77 people voted against. After successfully passing this milestone, it was then finally approved and 'Made' by East Suffolk Council, at a full council meeting, on 22 Nov 2023.

The Neighbourhood Plan adds local policy detail to strategic policies set out in the Local Plan and must now be a primary consideration for all planning decisions in Wickham Market parish. In addition, when development does take place within the village, WMPC is now entitled to 25% of the Community Infrastructure levy as opposed to 15% before the Neighbourhood Plan was in place.

The 'Made' edition of the Neighbourhood Plan and all its key supporting documents can be viewed on the ESC Planning portal

The Plan and its supporting documents are also available on our Key Documents page.

Cllr Dick Jenkinson, Chairman of Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan Committee

About our Parish

Wickham Market is a bustling, thriving community close to the River Deben within the Suffolk Coastal Heritage area. It is reached either by road, turning off the A12 approximately fifteen miles north-east of Ipswich, or by rail to its station at Campsea Ashe.

The centre of this large village offers convenient parking, a wide variety of shops with everything from hardware supplies, to food, hairdressers and newsagents, as well as a choice of places to eat. Within a ten-mile radius can be found the attractions of Easton Farm Park, the Snape Maltings, Framlingham Castle and Sutton Hoo.

Latest News

  • Update Nov 2023 - The plan is finally approved and 'Made' by East Suffolk Council, at a full council meeting, on 22 Nov 2023.
  • Update Oct 2023 - The Referendum takes place in the Village Hall on 12 Oct 2023 with a big majority in favour of the plan.
  • Update Aug 2023 - ESC issued their decision statement on 2nd August recommending that the Neighbourhood Plan goes forward to a Referendum which will take place on 12th October.
  • Update July 2023 - A final Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan, updated with recommended modifications from the examiner and ESC is completed and submitted to ESC.
  • Update June 2023 - The examiner issued his final report on 28 June. He concluded that, subject to a number of recommended modifications, the Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan meets all the necessary legal requirements and should proceed to referendum.
  • Update May 2023 - The Regulation 16 consultation is completed.
  • Update Oct 2022 - The Reg15 version of the Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents have been completed and submitted to ESC for Reg 16 consultation. <
  • Update May 2021 - A final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is almost complete and will soon be ready to submit to ESC for Reg 15 assessement.
  • Update Oct 2020 - Despite the setbacks caused by Covid-19, we have been making steady progress with updating the Neighbourhood Plan which has undergone some major changes as a result of the Reg14 feedback and other factors.
  • Update Sept 2019 - The (Reg 14) consultation responses have all now been reviewed and collated.. Follow up actions have been identified to address the points raised and updates to the draft Plan are now in progress.
  • Update April 2019 - The (Reg 14) consultation period was completed on 1st April with over 60 responses received on the draft Plan. The NP team are currently assessing the responses in order to propose the changes needed to the Plan to addess the points raised.
  • Update Feb 2019 - Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Version of the Neighbourhood Plan is now available. Go to the Documents page to view and/or download.