Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan
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Communications Working Group

Welcome to the Resources Page of the Communications Working Group.

The Objectives of this Group are as follows:
  • Identify what information needs to be communicated with whom, when and how.
  • Create the identity and communications plan and manage formatting and broadcasting of the Neighbourhood Plan information and manage communication through the duration of the Project.

The overall aim is to ensure all stakeholders are kept fully informed of the existence and progress of the NP Project and the need for their active involvement in both developing and approving the NP.

Note: Whilst the majority of stakeholders are the property owners and residents of Wickham Market Parish, there are many other stakeholders including residents of adjacent areas, owners of businesses in the parish, people who come to the parish to work and shop and the SCDC.

Membership of the Working Group:

George Hering (Chairman), Ray Lewis,

Key documents of the Working Group: Meeting Minutes

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