Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan
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Consultation Working Group

Welcome to the Resources Page of the Consultation Working Group.

The Consultation Group will collaborate with the other Working Groups, identify the need and create the content for questionnaires and other material used to engage the community. Community Groups, Business Groups, Landowners, Environmental and Heritage groups and the general public will be identified and consulted with. There will also be the need to work closely with Facilitators to ensure all age groups are included in the consultation process.

The aim of the Facilitator is to represent specific age groups to ensure their views have been effectively canvassed and input made towards the consultation process. Facilitators will also ensure feedback to the age group they represent confirming that their views and suggestions have been registered. Facilitators will work closely with Working Groups and the Consultancy Group.

Membership of the Working Group:

Cllr Dick Jenkinson (Chairman), Sue Jones, George Hering.

Consultation Reports

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