Wickham Market Neighbourhood Plan
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Economic & Infrastructure Working Group

Welcome to the Resources Page of the Economic & Infrastructure Working Group.

The focus of this group is on Business and Employment, Transport and Road Links, Utilities Provision, Climate Change

The Objectives of this Group are as follows:
  • Undertake an analysis of all service and manufacturing businesses, retail, healthcare and tourism within the Parish and joining Parishes, including home based business. The objective is to establish the present and future needs for facilities including business support and development areas. In particular the analysis should identify the needs of residents and visitors to shop and enjoy the facilities on the Hill at Wickham Market. Analysis should include business type, size, number of employees and future expansion possibilities.
  • Undertake a review of infrastructure including roads, transport, parking and communications to identify issues across the Wickham Market Parish and recommend where the Neighbourhood Plan needs to identify improvements through to 2036.
  • Work in close collaboration with the Consultation Working Group to develop a programme of content for presentation through the various stages of community engagement.

The overall aim is provide evidence of present business and future need across the Parish together with transport and infrastructure requirement to service that need. It must ensure that we fully understand and plan for future development and any decisions are based on identified and realistic needs and opportunities including full compliance with the SCDC Local Plan which itself is subject to compliance with the National Plan Framework.

The Working Group will provide essential input to the Neighbourhood Plan vision, objectives and options.

Membership of the Working Group:

George Hering (Chairman), Arthur Stansfield, Cllr Edna Salmon and Bryan Archer.

Key documents of the Working Group: Meeting Minutes

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